Wednesday, May 14, 2014

Reviewing the loot

I didn't get organized enough to do a full-on survey of all the stuff from the Fantasy Faire hunt, the way I did with Steam Hunt.  Never mind.  Let me just ask myself the question: given that the HUD for doing the Hunt cost me L$ 250, did I get anything in the Hunt gifts that I would have paid L$ 251 or more for?  And let me answer myself: yes, definitely.  So there we are.  Value for money.  (Let us consider, also, the cost in time for doing the Hunt, the benefit from enjoying doing the Hunt, dismiss them both as imponderables, and move on.)

It was a pretty wide range of stuff, from bits of jewelry to massive chunks of buildings, from old-school prim work to high-efficiency mesh design.  Most of it was good, or fun, or some combination of the two.

It did lead to a certain amount of confusion as I unpacked clothing items and other attachments and became, in short order, a patchwork quilt of disparate styles, and even disparate species.
There's me on the sea floor at Burroughs in the form of a furry mermaid.  Like I said, it got confusing.
Eventually, the confusion became too much for me and Tali and we both flaked out.

So, anyway.  The Palace of Tears Hunt is still on at the time of this writing, it is a fun event, and there is good stuff to be had from it.  And it supports a good cause.  So, I must grant it the Cavorite weight of my official endorsement, I guess!

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