Tuesday, May 6, 2014

Fantasy Faire: all the way around

The last two sims of my initial traverse of the Fantasy Faire, here.  Last time, I was sure that something Steampunk was about to happen.  And indeed, when I went to Asperatus (sponsored by NeoVictoria), it duly did.
Asperatus is a giant airship, floating over the clouds, with a whole city complex suspended beneath it.  Made me all nostalgic for the glory days of Caledon Steam SkyCity, it did.

At the landing pad, there's a boiler room, where the city appears to be powered by a vaguely feminine idol with a fire burning in her crotch.  You can get ointment for that, you know, dear.

I duly cranked my draw distance out to suicide level and took a shot of the whole thing.  There's the blimp, we will be visiting that thing sticking out at the back later.  But what are those yellow things for?

Oh.  OK then.

The visitors' centre, with information about the NeoVictoria RP setting, and a view of the shops.

There's a sort of tram affair with teleporters to bits of the build.  Like that thing sticking out at the top that I mentioned, a landing pad for this... futuristic... umm... vehicle, I guess.

The other destination is this lookout pod at the lower front.

There are rusty pipes and narrow gangways and unsafe stairs.  It made me feel at home, I can tell you.

Stairs go down to Medhir Woods.  They're not grey at the bottom because the textures haven't rezzed, they're just sort of lost in the mists and clouds.

I should show an actual shop at some point, shouldn't I?  There we are.  (The tenants include some Steampunk staples - Unzipped, Lassitude & Ennui, and Grim Bros. among them.)

And, on the other side, the sim crossing to the last one, Wiggenstead Mooring.  Dare I...?
I dared.
Wiggenstead Mooring is sponsored by Tiny Inc., and has a lot of tiny/petite/etc themed shops on its floating islands connected by walkways.  At a shade under seven feet tall in my socks, I'm not massively into tinies, but there's no denying the ingenuity that goes into these builds and these designs.  Wiggenstead Mooring, in itself, is darn cute, and well worth a look around.

This innocuous looking store, though, contained something that made me blench.  "Tiny Kajira Dancer Fatpack" - yes, folks, we have Gorean tinies.  I predicted it a while back, but was still appalled to be confronted by the hideous reality.  (Am I being silly?  Possibly.)
Although the main shopping action is on the floating islands, there's a fair amount of stuff going on down below too.

The shop is a shop, though attached to some sort of RP area.  The campfire area turned out to be something to do with the Faire Hunt, of which more anon.  I don't know what the ominous dark cave is for.  Perhaps it is a metaphor for the heart of darkness that lies beneath the Tiny exterior.  Everyone in SL knows you should never cross a tiny.
Finally, here is the Jolly Crocodile, where you can talk to an NPC and start the Faire Hunt, which goes on across all the sims, and where I should, therefore, have gone when I started out.  Yes, folks, I have done Fantasy Faire in the wrong direction.  Never mind.  I had a good time anyway, I bought some stuff, thereby contributing to RFL, and I took in some pretty amazing sights along the way.  And will continue to do so, since I have various bits of hunting still to do....

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