Friday, May 2, 2014

Is this just fantasy?

Fantasy Faire is back for 2014!  Yay.  This is of course a good thing from the viewpoint of raising money for RFL, and also from the viewpoint of impressive designers making wonderful builds in SL.  So I and my recalcitrant viewer are making tracks around it once more this year.  Runs from May 1st to May 11th, it seems.

We have a sort of swampy place for the Fairelands Junction this year, with obligatory portals to the various Faireland sims.  As with last year, no use of the "experience tools" to send visitors packing to other regions via the portals, just trad-SL "open the map and click" things.  Am I a shallow person to be vaguely disappointed by this?  Probably.
Anyway.  I started off in the Sanctum sim, sponsored by Fallen Gods, and with their definite style plastered all over it.  Two years ago it was classical temples rising out of the sea, last year it was classical-style buildings in a sort of everlasting autumn by a river... this year it seems to be Romanesque churches around a central plaza.  It's kind of restful, actually.  Or would be, if all those high quality textures didn't take an awful long time to make it to my laptop.

But it's serene and peaceful and completely realistic... umm... except hello, what's this?  It's... your actual stairway to heaven.

Ends at pearly gates.  Well, gates, anyway.  I didn't get in.  Apparently, Heaven has a dress code.

Moving north, we come to Blackwater Glenn, sponsored by The Looking Glass.  Lots of shacks in swamps.  Very impressive swamps, with glowing mushrooms to add an eldritch touch.  As with some other Faire sims over the years, some of the set decorations are up for sale in the central shop.  I bought some glowing mushrooms, on the grounds that RFL ought to be supported, and I can always find a use for glowing mushrooms.

This is the tasteful arrival point.  I got a little bit further than the tasteful arrival point before I crashed for the first time.  Bet it won't be the last.  Anyway.  We shall see!

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