Saturday, May 3, 2014

Fantasy Faire: sim the third

Didn't get terribly far with Fantasy Faire last night, as SL was being very iffy - for everyone, I think, not just me.  Lots of messages were flashing back between Tali and myself, along the lines of "are you offline?"  "no, I thought you were offline"  "I was offline, but now I'm not, but it says you are" and so on and so forth.  It's all very trying if you're wandering round sims

Anyway.  Mourningvale Thicket is sponsored by Roawenwood, who do all sorts of detailed Gorean and fantasy stuff, and it is shrouded in mists and has lots of ruins and dead trees.

 Atmospheric.  Not a hundred per cent cheerful, but atmospheric.  That round thing you can see in the middle distance in the last picture is the entrance to the next sim.  I was going to go there, but I turned around, and when I turned back the next sim wasn't visible any more, and then I crashed.  Iffy.  It's all very iffy.
Sadly, I can't blame SL for today's misadventures, which involved the Great Race around Caledon.  Tali had said she was thinking of trying it this year, but decided not to in the end.  So, in a fit of enthusiasm, I turned up instead, paid the (very reasonable) 50L$ to RFL to join in... and set out.
Well, dear readers, you know about me and SL viewers, so you can guess how well it turned out.  The race started out on foot, and I dropped significantly behind when I got tangled up in the first sim crossing, lagwalking appropriately across Tanglewood... and things just went on from there.  Making my way at last to the start of the next stage, the ground vehicles one, I rezzed the Steampunk Giro-Cycle - a hunt prize from L+N Signature designs, a picture of which appeared on this blog many moons ago.  It looks great.  If you're lagging, though, it oversteers dramatically, as I demonstrated by crashing into every building in Victoria City....  By the time I made it to the water stage at Port Caledon, the expert racers were already approaching the finish line.  So I took things easy, first in a Dragonfly Boat (one of many 7Seas gadgets I acquired over time) and then in the Weka Air Ferry that was a prize from the last Steam Hunt.  And, apart from getting a bit caught in the rotors at Steam SkyCity - oh, and being savaged by an air kraken in Middlesea - I managed the flying part reasonably all right!
I finished dead last, of course, and about half an hour after everyone else.  But I finished!  The honour of Caledon Burroughs was upheld!  Sort of.
Anyway.  It is an Event, the Great Race is, and one's thanks are extended to the organizers (principally the estimable Miss Solace Fairlady).  But oh my, either I will practice with vehicles a lot, or I will cheer from the sidelines next year!

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