Tuesday, May 6, 2014

Miss Bulmer is Displeased

OK, so the Fantasy Faire hunt is in two parts, it seems - the first one involves travelling to all the Faire sims, interacting with an object in each one, then returning to the NPC type chappie at the Jolly Crocodile in Wiggenstead Mooring, who will then give you the key to start the main Hunt.

That isn't why I'm cross.

This hunt involves wearing a scripted HUD with which to receive clues and cutscenes, and track your interactions and thus your progress.  It is a lurid purple thing involving a unicorn, but, well, Fantasy Faire, if you get away with only one unicorn you're doing well

That isn't why I'm cross.

The clues are, for an experienced hunter like my good self, not too difficult.  One, in Blackwater Glenn, was a bit of a pain, but only a bit.

That isn't why I'm cross.

The problem seems to be at Fairelands Junction.  This sim is either wonky or massively overloaded, or very possibly both.  Closing in on the last clue, at this sim, I've found myself being violently disconnected.  Or teleporting in, finding myself in a semi-disconnected state (unable to move or chat), and then being disconnected when I try to TP out.

That isn't why I'm very cross.  This is SL, that sort of thing happens all the time.

What is making me cross is that, almost uniquely in my experience of SL, the state of the HUD is being lost when I'm disconnected.  When I finally get back on - an exciting experience involving cache clears, blue limbo, and skulking around in Pooley while things reload - I find that the HUD has reset to the state it was in at my last normal logout.  This HUD, remember, is tracking my progress through the hunt....

So, every time I get kicked, I have to re-do the hunt stages I've done since the last attempt.

This is making me cross.  Obviously, the thing to do is going to be to clear the non-wonky sims, then log out normally, hope that state is properly preserved that way, and then tackle the Fairelands Junction.  Since TPing in causes me problems, I may have to walk in from Wiggenstead Mooring and walk back out.  Assuming I can walk.  Which is not a safe assumption.

I am cross.  Did I mention being cross?  Well, I am.


  1. /me hands Miss Bulmer a mug of hot chocolate with rum in it.

    1. And that is certainly much appreciated! Thank you