Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Sinister Steampunk Hunting

... as in, participating in the Sinister Steampunk 2 Hunt, and not (as I've said before) chasing Denver Hax with a bread knife.  Although if any more of his My Little Ponies come at me and kick me over the landscape of Caledon, I may make the time.

Ahem.  Anyway.  I think I've more or less finished, apart from two stores that aren't ready yet, and a couple of others that have dropped out or disappeared.  (One of them belongs to M. Ceriano, who I believe follows this blog! - so I hope he's OK, wherever he's got to.)  It makes me realize, though, how much I've relied on the Historical Hunts Group for support and information as I've done the various Steam and Silk Road Hunts.  Going it alone is tougher, psychologically at least.

However - this one seems to be almost finished.  Which means I will need to unpack!  So far, we have confirmed the presence of at least two top hats among the various gifts, so grand old steampunk tradition is being kept up.  I may need to keep a count of superfluous gears, too.

Speaking of which, I have girded up my loins (metaphorically) and submitted my little shop for Steam Hunt 7.  And, if it's accepted, I will have to make something!  (Tali gave the matter a few seconds' thought and suggested "Top hat skybox".  Which is all very well, but where would I put the superfluous gear?)

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