Sunday, July 1, 2012

Blingons on the starboard bow!

One thing I missed, apparently, at SL9B was the sign at the Bay City exhibit telling its denizenscitizens to beware of the "Steam Menace".  An absurd suggestion!  As if the genteel and urbane inhabitants of Caledon presented any sort of menace to anyone.

But, of course, this means the people of Bay City are bound to be on their guard.  It would be almost impossible, then, to - as a random example - sneak steam grenades into the Bay City Municipal Airport.
Not much sneaking going on, in fact

And, what with the rigorous security checks in place, it'd be almost impossible for a Caledonian agent to infiltrate undetected.
Harmless though that would be - I mean, could anyone see any malign intent in this?

Indeed, you would need to be particularly subtle, sneaky, and generally non-obvious to penetrate the elaborate layers of Bay City security.

Almost undetectable

Yes, the people of Bay City can certainly rest easy in their beds, knowing how vigilantly their municipal authorities protect them from the "Steam Menace"!

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  1. I understand that Seekrit Agent Marianne McCann has, on occasion, infiltrated Caledonian venues. It's only fair that Bay City should suffer a like fate.

    Well done, Agent Bulmer!