Wednesday, July 11, 2012

All in a good cause

I mentioned a couple of days ago that I'd be dropping by the fundraiser for Gala Phoenix's legal costs....  It seems this has become something of a hot issue!  I tried to get into the Mesh sim, where the fundraiser is being held, several times yesterday, only to be bounced out every time because the region was full.  This thing is drawing crowds.

I managed to turn myself sideways, suck in my tummy, and slide in unnoticed today.  I must say, despite huge amounts of pressure, the sim itself seems to be holding up nicely; a bit of lag-walking in some spots, but in general I was moving about fairly easily.  And the shopping worked just fine, too, which is fortunate, given the hole it has now put in my Linden balance. 

I do think this is a cause worth supporting, because the legal case may lead to a serious rethink about DMCA takedowns and what's to be done when they are abused - and we are definitely overdue for some rethinking on that topic!  Also, it is a cause worth supporting because there are is a lot of good stuff here from some very famous SL names, and, well, everyone knows about me and nice clothes, right?  (Also a motorbike that I don't, strictly speaking, need.)

The vendors, by the way, have notices saying how much of the price is going to the cause... I am somewhat conflicted about this, on account of I think it might be a bit iffy to make money for oneself when setting up stall at a fundraising event.  On the other hand, SL designers have to eat and pay tier like the rest of us... and some of them seem to think a fifty-fifty split, between the event and themselves, is equitable enough.  I can see their point of view, I think; my own purchases, though, were restricted to ones that said "100% of the proceeds will go to meeting Gala Phoenix's legal costs."  That is, after all, what I'm there to support... the nice clothes and unnecessary motorbike are only a side issue, right?

Anyway.  I made it there, I overloaded my inventory again, and on balance it was fun.  If only Second Pride had managed to draw this many people!

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