Monday, January 23, 2012

Vindictive Geology in Caledon Wellsian

So, I caught the Guvnah's announcement of geological upheavals in northern Caledon, including lava flows and Cavorite eruptions in Wellsian.  "Aha!" I thought to myself; for Cavorite, that mineral so essential for the powering of anti-gravitational devices, and which also makes a piquant cocktail with notably uplifting effect, is dashed hard to come by, sometimes, what with my usual Tanzanian suppliers being increasingly unreliable, and the Cavorite Mines taking a dim view of tourists who come out with suspiciously floaty backpacks.  So, I packed up my collecting sacks and my trusty lead insoles, and went forth to scavenge, I mean to lend humanitarian assistance during the disaster.

There was a fair amount of upheaval at the arrival point:-

But things really got nasty further on down:-

I wound up taking refuge on the cliff side, looking down on the chaos below:-

Now, it's possible I might have got a bit too close to the lava flows at some stage:-

Fortunately, the RCAF were on hand to deal with any medical emergencies:-

(You can see they were needed!)

Unfortunately, about this time I was overcome by the fumes:-

And, after receiving field treatment from the redoubtable Miss Wendyslippers Charisma, and a reviving cup of coffee from Miss Erehwon Yoshikama, I was medevaced, as I believe the word is, to the RCAF hospital in Caledon Cape Wrath:-

Where I received expert medical attention, although the combination of Cavorite vapours, Mondrago coffee, Miss Wendyslippers's injection, truth gas, and laughing gas had an... interesting... effect:-

It was sometime around then that the cumulative effect became too much for my computer to handle, and I was forced into an extended convalescence in RL.  But I've recovered, now, and am back to normal, or as normal as I can manage, anyway.  My thanks go out to Miss Wendyslippers Charisma, Miss Erehwon Yoshikawa, and Miss Solace Fairlady for their prompt assistance!

And you can bet I've learned my lesson, and won't be going out raiding hot Cavorite again...

... without proper breathing gear, at least.

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