Saturday, January 21, 2012

In which Miss Bulmer presents herself in a new electronic medium

I suppose it is traditional, when starting one of these things, to say that "Goodness me, I've never done one of these things before, I don't know where to start, what can I possibly find to say?"  And I am not one to break with tradition.  Not only have I not done one of these things before, it is pretty much unknown territory to my typist, too (the physical entity who sits in real space, typing these words and eating far too many chocolate biscuits, and who is unfairly and unjustly described as the Real Me.)

However, let us not be deterred by such formal prolegomena.  Welcome, dear reader, to this aetheric journal.  I am Miss Glorf Bulmer, spinster of the parish of Caledon Steam SkyCity and other parts, and I have probably been remiss in failing to start some journal of my activities in Second Life, given that I have been an inhabitant of that metaverse for some twenty-one months and change, as of the time of writing.  (Which is not bad going, as I understand that boredom, vicissitudes of RL, or repeated ARs for griefing put paid to most Second Lifers before they clock up their first birthday.)

So, here commences, however tardily, and probably erratically, a chronicle of my various doings and musings within the metaverse of Second Life.  Will it prove entertaining, illustrative, edifying and informative?  We shall see, dear reader, we shall see.

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