Monday, January 23, 2012

Poetry Please!

While wandering, as is oft my wont, through the Grim Bros. store at, I was messaged by the proprietress, the excellent Miss Cutea Benelli, who pressed upon me a new creation, the Evil Haiku Automaton:-

(The snapshot was taken at my Mainland home in Kuhrang, so any lapses in taste in the decor are ascribable to me and not Miss Benelli.)

The still picture does not do full justice to this highly animated little fellow, who, in addition to his various intriguing motions, plays a sprightly melody and delivers himself of verse when touched, in the traditional Japanese haiku form... well, maybe not entirely traditional.  A selection of his poetical utterances:-

Adorable you
ding dong, the witch is yummy
Going, going, gone

it’s your un-birthday
In the vacant lot next door
This is where it ends

got your nose. for real.
I want to gnaw your thighbones
Calm thoughts of landmines

And any anthropophagous automaton who thinks calmly of landmines has my full support and endorsement.  (I have my standing in the mad science community to think of, you know.)

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