Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Plum in decay?

I logged in at the Plum sim earlier today, this being one of the relatively quiet old sims where I like to appear and collect myself before the rigors of the SL day begin.  Plum is, of course, one of the very old sims, dating back far before my time; it used to be one of the welcome centres in SL, and still has a "Welcome Area", next door to a public sandbox.  Though it's long been off the list of active infohubs, the structure of the welcome centre still remains, with a few informative signs and giveaways - or, at least, it did:-

No informative signs or giveaways, and parts of the structure itself seem to be missing.  The Plum sandbox got plagued by some nasty and unimaginative griefers, recently; it's possible that someone's done a mass return of objects, and bits of the welcome area went with it.  I guess it's too much to hope for that the area's being redeveloped.  Pity.  These General-level welcome areas - even the still active ones - often look forlorn and abandoned.  And this one now looks more forlorn than most.

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