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Stean Hunt XI: Citius Altius Fortius

... or, at least, part 2.  Here we go with the next slab of goodies!

Starting with these "Sonya" boots from number 23, Lindy Modern & Retro Shoes.  The gentlemen get a pair of "Nemo" boots.  The sub-theme of this Steam Hunt is an underwater one, in case you hadn't gathered that from all the diving suits and shipwrecks and things.

"Realms of the Deep" Library Cabinet from 24, Park Place Home Decor.  Comes with assorted reading/looking-for-books animations, and of course a big window full of animated fish in the middle.

Entity at number 25 give us this Royal Couch, which seats four in a variety of poses.  Four people?  Is that Royal?  It's certainly not a monarchy... but it's not enough for a democracy.  Maybe it should be an Oligarchical Couch?  I'm hairsplitting for the sake of it now, aren't I?

Destiny's Designs has been in these Hunts since the year dot; they're at number 26 with this Steampunk Winter outfit (ladies' version worn, gents' version in the pack shot.)

Cog & Fleur at number 27 give us a set of Rusty Portholes in various versions.  Guess which one is my favourite.  Go on, just guess.

Deep Sea Pillow Pile from number 28, Eclectic Muse.  We have seen those woodcuts of an octopus before, and I would not be at all surprised if we saw them again.  Nice decorative piece, anyway.

This Menu Driven Octopus Fountain from number 29, Lunar Seasonal Designs, is also a nice decorative piece.  Each chunk of the thing can be changed to a range of colours and textures, which is where the Menu Driven bit comes in.  The octopus on top started off blue when it came out of the box, but I changed it to brown, just because I could.  Good, innit?

Stop 30, Black Magnolia Imports, and their "Rolling in the Deep" texture pack.  Which is in a box.  I know boxes are not interesting, but texture packs are, so nyah.

Toxic Fish Fountain from number 31, Kismet.  It is really rather well made, with some very careful particle effects.  It took a lot of skill and effort to get it to look like that, you know.  Of course, it looks revolting, but at least it's quality revolting, none of your tat.

Stop 32 was Myrddin's Emporium, where Myrddin Janus leaves us... sort of a grab bag of stuff: three mini-subs, a pair of interesting chairs, and a collection of building components and miscellaneous, um, miscellanea.  I'm not complaining.  It was like rummaging through my stocking on Christmas morning, opening that particular box.  Fun.

This is MINE!, although you can have one as well, if you go to Kittycat's Creations, shop number 33.  That rather impressive mesh dragon is holding on to one of Kittycat's decanters, which offers you a range of slightly dubious Steampunk drinks, or at least - if you're the owner - it does once you've deleted the resizer script which also comes in the thing and overrides the drinks menu.  Something or somebody could have handled that clash of scripts better, and I'm not sure it's not the viewer.  Or it might just have been the Burroughs sim going wonky.  It's been known to do that, especially when a hunting maniac rezzes a whole range of complicated scripted objects on it in rapid succession.

Here's a nice Captain's Clock from Little Scamp Designs at number 34.  A perfectly nice little carriage clock, what more is there to say?

Texture packs from number 35, McMinnar's Oddments.

Mesh chairs from number 36,  MTD Designs.  I've rezzed three of these, but there are more, in a whole range of colours.  Each one is 2 Land Impact.  Remember that next time someone starts ranting about how Mesh Is Inefficient And Makes People's Computers Run Hot And Probably Does Things To The Cows' Milk And All.  Two prims' worth of Land Impact for that level of detail.  You cannot do that with standard prims, or with sculpts, and mesh is more efficient and puts less strain on your graphics processor, and the cows can just lump it.

Number 37, Razmataz, presented problems, in that they gave a pair of m/f Steampunk Poses.  Fortunately, they are static poses.  This is how a lady Steampunk stands, it seems.

Number 38, baci village (or bacidalucia, I'm never quite sure) gives us this decorative  "beyondwords-steamtypewriterpunk".  Looks like my dad's old Olivetti Portable, actually, except my dad's was orange and didn't have spiky pen-nib wings coming out of the back.

SR Leatherwerx at stop 39 gives us this sculpted Victorian Telescope.  It's a classy decorative piece, from an expert maker of classy decorative pieces.

"Mrs Kraken" mesh outfit from number 40, Sparrow by Design.  There is a corresponding male version but I haven't seen it.  Both sexes get that helmet, which has a sort of crank-driven motor at the back, which you can't see here because I'm showing the front.  Anyway, you couldn't see the pistons and things moving in a static photograph.  It's pretty neat, actually.

Texture pack from number 41, Texture Junction.  Kit for texturing up mermaid outfits.

"Grind my Gears" table from number 42, Eclectic Stars.  This has Gears, so it is Steampunk.  Eclectic Stars was the first place I actually bought something, this Hunt - a silly "Body Code" tattoo which appealed to me, simple soul that I am.

You can see part of the tattoo (it shows the closing HTML tag for "head" and opening one for "body" at the base of my neck, ho ho, look I am a simple soul and easily amused, OK?)  Anyway, you are meant to be looking at the "Radio Days Tophat" from number 43, Grim Bros.  One of Grim's finest.  There are three versions in the pack, of which this is the most complex - you can choose to wear one without the goggles or the built-in radio, but why would you do that?

Three Steampunk flower arrangements from number 44, Zoe's Garden.  From left, we have Sarracenia, Carnation, and Mixed Arrangement.  All I know about plants is that they give me hayfever, so I'm a bit stuck for more to say, here.  I'm guessing the cog-shaped flowers aren't strictly botanically accurate, but what do I know?

Here's Nemo's Desk from number 45, Pierre Ceriano.  Typical of the excellent stuff M. Ceriano makes.  One has to admire Captain Nemo's sang-froid as he carries on working at that desk, in what can only be described as trying circumstances.

 Here's a FantaSea Coin Necklace (actually, just one of a couple of options) from number 46, Hudson's Clothing.  You can get a better view of that silly tattoo, too.

 Haunted Victorian display cabinet, camera, and nature prints from number 47, Emma's @ Blue Moose. The prints change from pictures of fish and such to those ghoulish faces you see in that picture.  When you "sit" on the camera, it gushes particle blood and you strike poses in front of it while being gradually dragged beneath the ground.  I haven't investigated the haunted nature of the cabinet yet.  Anyway, it's traditional SL silliness, and the camera, when not spraying out gore, is actually quite a nice build.

 BB-1 Companion Droid from number 48, Land of Nodd.  I have no idea what might have inspired this little fellow.  No, sir, not the slightest clue.

The traditional problem rears its head once more at 49, SANNA Science & Art, the animated texture specialists.  That Whooshing Water and the flames on the USS Constitution actually move, you see.  Tali wondered if the "Constitution Burning" picture was some kind of US political comment, but I have a headache from British politics just now and didn't go further into the question.  (This is just a sample, by the way, of the things from this stop.)

Another aspect of the traditional problem - you can see this "Scott Joplin Pine Apple Rag" piece from number 50,  Curious Seamstress, but there is no way of showing, in the picture, that if you click on it, it actually plays said piece of music.  It is playing it right now, in that picture, but you have no way of knowing that.  Um.  Unless I, like, tell you, or something.

Another necklace - and, I hope you can make it out, a ring.  "The Deeps" necklace and ring (with variants provided for both ladies and gentlement) from number 51, Rainy Fey Creations.  I issue the obligatory disclaimer about RFC's owner being a personal friend, but all this means is that I am friends with someone who makes really nice stuff.  Which is no bad thing.  Go check it out, is my advice.

And number 52, Cake Fox, gives us this decorative Garden Ship Wheel and Chain.  I assume it's a Ship Wheel and Chain you can put in your Garden, as here.  In other words, a decorative item.  You probably can put it in your garden, even if you are pushed for space, because that is another piece of highly efficient mesh design, I think it clocks in at 3 Land Impact for the whole lot.

That's it for this post.  There is more to come, including a couple of mini-hunts.  With luck I should get it all wrapped up before the Hunt ends, though.

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