Monday, March 21, 2016

Steam Hunt XI: The Epic Part 3

OK, "epic" is probably putting it too strongly.  But here's the next set of stuff, anyway.

Starting off, epically enough, with a texture pack from number 53, EBDesign.

Repeated shouts of warning from a catlady on a nearby island greeted the appearance of this one.  "Beware the dread gazebo!" and the like.  Anyway, it's a nice enough Little Gazebo from number 54, Impertinences, and it didn't kill and eat any paladins while I was watching it.  (If you need that reference explained... why are you reading this blog, again?)

Steam Hat for Ladies from number 55, Rozamyndi's.  There is one for the gentlemen too, never fear.

Clock Hands Pin from number 55, Amaranthus.  Nice little piece of jewelry, you can see it hovering over the "P" in "Punk" on my chest, there.  Actually, about a foot in front of my chest, Amaranthus having positioned it, by default, so that it cannot be lost even in a much larger bosom than I boast.  There's another version in the pack, which attaches to the other side of your chest.

57 is Panda Panda, and they provide this mesh "gramaphone".  They may have trouble spelling gramophone, but they certainly don't have any trouble making one; this is a nicely detailed piece that winds itself up and plays a sprightly melody when you click on it.  For something this good, I will certainly forgive a spelling error.

Number 58 dropped out.  Number 59 is furniture maker An Lema, and they didn't, as evidenced by this Steampunk Cabinet and Display Stand.  The door of the cabinet opens and shuts (it opens with the "ssh-donk" sound of the sliding doors on the Starship Enterprise, but who's quibbling?), and the glass tops of that Display Stand reveal dancing gears (Steampunk!).

Number 60 is Drow Science, and they give us a mini-submarine.  A very mini submarine, it sits on your shoulder (as seen here) and, well, looks pretty cute actually.  Drow Science do some good stuff.  I'm still using those Gyrocogter rezzers I got from them last Hunt.

Number 61 is House of Accentaury, and they provide us with a Commuter Puffer.  Or, in fact, three Commuter Puffers, in three sizes (large, medium and small).  You may be able to make out the small one in this picture - it's on the greyish bit of ground, a little to the right of the centre of the image.  You definitely can't miss the large one.  They don't actually do anything except look striking - which, come to think of it, may be just as well.

It's a texture pack.  Specifically, the "League of Extraordinary" texture pack from number 62, All Things Beautiful.  The textures are actually very nice.  I know this, because Tali accidentally clicked it and it gave her a bunch of textures, so we had to check that I could still get them too.  It gets round the usual "items coming in too fast, preview disabled for 10 seconds" by using a special script that gives you each texture... one... at... a... time... with... a... sufficient... pause... between... each... one.  Frankly, I'm not sure that was a problem worth coding around, but never mind.

Had some fun with this one, the Aubrey mesh outfit from number 63, Snowpaws.  (Gents get a hooded jacket thing, which I didn't check out.)  Tali and I decided it looked pretty good, but it needed some accessories to be properly Steampunk.  So -

I added a Steam Gauntlet from Dirty Lynx, and Geared-Up Boots and that understated hat from some previous Hunts, and there we are.  Rather striking, if I do say so myself.

OK, so I took the silly hat off and substituted this much more sensible PS Steam Hat from number 64, the Ferret and Hedgie Shoppee.

Number 65 was Miss Darcy, and Miss Darcy and Tiknics give us this nice Steam Raft vehicle.  That "HMS Neversink" on the sail positively begs for contradiction, but despite some rather energetic sea trials, I was not, in fact, able to sink it.  Despite the wheels, it's not an all-terrain vehicle, you can't get it to go up onto the land (and believe me, I tried).

66, Tanelorn Manor Designs, gave us this Poseidon's Temple Ruin, which looked sort of familiar because it's on display at their shop, and in fact you have to explore it to find the gear.  Tali liked it.  Tali likes romantic ruins, that's why she goes out with me.  (Tali has made some very nice romantic ruins of her own, of course.)

Sailor Boy (still in his box) and Sailor's Girl (worn by me) from number 67, Tayren's Fantasy Fashion.  This is a very nice outfit - combining system layers, mesh and flexis to excellent effect.  And it fitted very well, for something straight out of the box.  The only thing I've done with that, in that shot, is adjust the height of the hat.  Well done Tayren's, is what I say to this one.

Number 68 is [noctis], and you would expect something well-made and classy from them, and they do not disappoint.  Certainly not, with this rather splendid Nautilus Sofa on which several people can pose nautically.

Nice bunch of stuff from number 69, Dragon Magick Wares, with this "Steampunk Aquatica" set.  The actual "Aquatica" thing is a small but stylish underwater pod home on stilts, and you can just see it through that Kelp Forest (which gurgles and makes its own fish).  And they provide some starfish, which you might be able to make out, and a very large octopus, which you will probably have spotted by now.  Romantic ruins from one shop, a big octopus from another... the Hunt is catering for Tali and me, there is no question about it.

Finally, a five-item mini-hunt from Steampunk RP people NeoVictoria at number 70, and I've rezzed the main items and photographed the lot of them here.  There's the obligatory NeoVictoria calendar, which you can see on the balcony of that skybox (a perfectly nice starter home for a NeoVictorian, I think); there's the multiple mermaid pose rock, which I am posing on, and the anglerfish-style headlight, which I am wearing.  And there's the Piscean Peril, which is pretty nifty.  Tali is standing on that big flat round rock, and the rock has noticed her, and it has rezzed that ferocious-looking fish to scare her away.  Tali is made of sterner stuff than most, though, and has inspected the ferocious-looking fish and proclaimed it a very good-quality 1 LI mesh with excellent texture mapping.  There's some other stuff in the mini-hunt, but it's mostly information about NeoVictoria and shows up on HUDs and stuff.  Still, this stop, and the NeoVictoria setting generally, is well worth a look if you ask me.

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