Tuesday, March 22, 2016

Steam Hunt XI: Grand Finale

And so we come to the end!  Eventually.  Fair few stops still to go, though, so let's see what we get at them.

First in this tranche is number 71, The Vintage Touch, which gives us this Steampunk Locker Set.  I think "steampunk" just means "rusty" in this instance, but what the heck, it's a nice mesh piece, there are times when you need some rusty lockers.

Oh, now.  This isn't rusty.  This is the Submarine Crustacean from number 72, L+N Signature Designs, and it is a lovely expression of L+N's distinctively extravagant Art Nouveau stylings.  L+N have figured in these hunts many times before, and they have usually given us some wonderfully beautiful and/or fantastical vehicle which I have praised to the skies, and this time is definitely no exception.

 Here's a talking book from number 73, Bibliotheque de Coeur.  The grouchy-looking bloke on the cover is Baudelaire, and if he can spare time from fretting over his receding hairline, he will recite the poem "L'homme et la mer" at you, at one line per click.  In chat, and in French.  It helps if you know French, which of course I do.  It's GCSE Alien that's the one I failed.

74 is Rad Designz, and it presented me with problems, because I am a Luddite and insufficiently au fait with modern SL technology.  The gift is a HUD which acts as an applier for SLink... hands, or something... and if you are familiar with that brand of mesh appendages, you may be able to tell what it does.  Me, I use the hands the Lindens gave me, and I have not a clue.  I think it might be nail polish.  Answers on a postcard please.

Here's a little Underwater Flying Sub from number 75, Designs by Sebastian.  Looks a little tame after the L+N thing, but heck, so do I.  It's a neat little vehicle, if you read the instructions notecard carefully and don't sit in the wrong seat like I did there.

Number 76 was Arcadia Asylum, and they did a little mini-hunt thing, where you had to travel between several stops - it was eventful, and they dished out some things in notecards along the way, but the main gifts were all at the end, with this Marine Research Lab full of steampunky gizmos and fish.  I spotted that octopus rug in another shop, somewhere along the way, and coveted it... and now, I have one of my very own.  Thank you for that, Arcadia Asylum!
And for all the other stuff, of course.  This is what the Marine Research Lab looks like from the outside.

Holly at number 77 gave us this mermaid outfit.  It's sort of half-way between being an actual mermaid outfit and being a mermaid-style gown.  You can go the whole hog with fins and a floaty AO (finny bits are included but an AO is not), or you can just keep your human feet on and slink around at nightclubs or something.  Works either way.

Number 78 is Sweet Sorrows, and they give us this "Stranded Dreams" posing... thing.  You sit on it, and there are poses you can use, which may make up some sort of narrative, even, only I wasn't paying attention properly.  It's a nice decorative piece anyway, even if you're not paying attention.

Here, around my neck, is a Treasure Blue Leather Necklace from number 79, WILLOW.  And very nice it is too.

According to number 80, Thistle Moon Designs, this is what the well-dressed Priestess of Poseidon is wearing this season.  And I wouldn't dream of contradicting them.  The male Priest of Poseidon is still in the box, next to me.  All very well, but while they have been dressing up in pleasing shades of blue, their temple has been going to rack and ruin, hasn't it?  (See previous blog entry.)

Eeep!  This is an Underwater Helmet from number 81, Spyralle, and it is very well made (as you might expect from Spyralle) and perhaps a little startling for casual wear.

Number 82 is COVETED, and the gents get that look that's still in the box, and the ladies get those boots, a pair of system-layer leather trousers, and that all-enveloping "Seducer" leather trenchcoat.  It's very nice, actually - good mesh design and excellent textures.  I just think it doesn't quite fit in with my methods of seduction, though, which are less about the all-concealing heavy leather and more about... no, this is still Not That Sort Of Blog.

It's a box.  There are textures in it.  They are Linen Deep Sea textures and they come from number 83, LilArt Creation.

I spent something like nine hours in total at number 84, Chaos Panic & Disorder.  They had a mini-hunt with three gears, and I just could not find the third one.  I was going cross-eyed, and literally crying with frustration.  They made my Fave Five list for the Hunt, on the grounds that if they did that good a job of hiding things, they deserved recognition.  Anyway.  When I finally found the third gear, it had that "Explorer of the Deeps" helmet in it.  It completely conceals my face, so maybe you all think it was well worth the effort.

The other two gears had neckwear in them - which, between the helmet and the high collar on that trenchcoat, meant a change of outfit if I was going to get a picture.  The gents got an "Octopoda Cravat", the ladies the "Octopoda Choker" which I'm wearing in that shot.

Number 85 was Jinxed Toys & Magic, and they gave us that magic Aquamancer Staff.  It shoots stuff, if you go into mouselook, and looks sort of decorative and mystical if you don't.

And so I reached the end, and the Hyborian Steam Platform at number 86, where there is usually a little final giftie to be picked up.  In this case, this Kraken Chair from Sparrow by Design.  I think that even I may have had enough tentacles to satisfy me, on this Hunt!

As a footnote, I picked up a few things along the way - not many, as my inventory is getting further and further out of hand, again.  However, I got that tattoo thing from Eclectic Stars, a sort of automated sentry with a machinegun from Land of Nodd, a dress from Miss Darcy, and a thing from Spyralle which allows me to wrap myself in a flickering web of lightning bolts.  As you do.  Remind me not to go swimming in that one, though.

So, we have come to the end.  Thanks as ever are extended to Perryn Peterson and his team for organizing everything, to the merchants for making all this wonderful stuff and giving it away and posing us such interesting puzzles before we can get it, and to the fellow Hunters in the group, without which it would all be so much less fun.  See you on the next one, folks.

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