Tuesday, April 2, 2013

Plus ça change...

I celebrated the feast of Saint Stephen by getting my foot crushed between a very heavy church door and a similarly solid piece of ecclesiastical architecture.  Various complications, too tedious to record, duly set in, with the result that I haven't been taking much of an interest in anything for the past three months.

I did, however, manage to get back into SL for my third rezday, and was welcomed back by several...

... including SL itself, in its own inimitable way.

I installed, as is oft my wont, the latest dev version, and duly reappeared inside the hallowed halls of Oxbridge.  There followed a quick tour of my properties (still, amazingly enough, all going strong), at the end of which I decided to change outfits.  Bad Idea Glorf.

It seems that there are changes afoot in the world of baking avatar textures; more is being done on the server side, less on the client side.  In theory, this should be all to the good.  In practice, I changed outfits, went to visit Caledon Burroughs and the much-missed Tali Rosca... and found that, though I looked fine in my viewer, to everyone else in SL, the whole baking process had got as far as my underwear and then given up.  There I was, unknowingly parading around wearing nothing but a smile and a thong.

So my triumphant return to the shores of SL took the form of... spending several hours skulking underwater with my boobs out, trying to figure out what was going wrong and how to get it fixed.

(Pictures are not forthcoming, this is still Not That Sort of Blog.)

So.  Welcome back, to and from SL.

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  1. Did you use a spotter to tell you what they were seeing? If you need one, I'm available. I work cheap, too, and I guarantee to Tell You The Truth!