Thursday, April 25, 2013

Fantasy Faire 2013: The Wrath of Glorf

When last we saw our glamourous blonde heroine, she was advancing perilously into the top right hand corner of the Fantasy Faire, menaced on all sides by strange black flashes and ominous drops in framerate.  What dangers await her in the caverns of The Dragonspire?

Well, OK, if you don't have my idiosyncratic computer setup, it's probably not all that perilous.  What it is, though, is gem-studded tunnels carved out of the living rock of a gigantic mountain.  Which means, I suppose, that you are actually inside a lot of large objects, and there are a whole bundle of complicated textures around.  Hence, much taxing of my client.  This whole business of the client will probably get spun off into another post, in which I will rant and rave to my little heart's content.  For now, let's get on with Fantasy Faire.

After the misadventures at the edge of Titan's Hollow, I relogged, and used the portals at Fairelands Junction to go directly to the Dragonspire's hub, next to the sponsor's store (magic and HUD specialists The Arcanum).

Much hittage of the snapshot button here, too, because the build is pretty gorgeous.  If it is killing my client, well, at least it died in a good cause.

Hello!  What's this?  A tunnel mouth leading downwards?... Irresistibly tempting to dumb blondes in bad B-movies.  I am not the dumb blonde to defy tradition, and so I set off to explore.  Which is all very well, but - remember those lag problems?  Pretty soon, I was freezing solid at random intervals and quickly lost all sense of direction.  At one point, I messaged Tali that I was "in a maze of twisty passages, all alike".  (NB. if you actually get that reference, you are very old.)

There is, as I mentioned, a Faire-wide hunt going on, and I think some of the sub-surface tunnels relate to that - eventually, I found myself before an impressive door to a "grotto", which has got to have some uses I'm not aware of.

Eventually, I found my way out, and into the next sim, to the south: the Valley of Ish'Nar.

Now, this one is something to do with the Faire's hunt, and isn't a shopping sim at all.  It's very atmospheric, though, and if my equipment was cooperating, I would investigate and uncover its mysteries.  I would even go so far as to encourage those with cooperative equipment to go and do that themselves!

South of the Valley of Ish'Nar, we come back to shopping, in the quasi-mediaeval setting of Lumenaria.  Or, at least, you might.  I found myself lag-walking helplessly through the sim before vanishing off the Grid with a sickening snapping sound.  So, the rest of my Fantasy Faire adventures will have to wait for the next post, I think.

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